This month we take the South Downs way to Saltdean via Woodingdean, with fantastic views across the Sussex Weald and a trip back along under the chalk cliffs.

It is a ride suitable for anyone with a moderate level of fitness, and for children aged about ten upwards.

1. Starting at The Level in Brighton, go up Elm Grove. It is long and quite steep, but it is the only big hill of the day.

Once you reach the allotments on your left, look for a rough track that starts to run alongside the road. Take it up over the contour of the hill until it bends away from the road and heads along the top edge of Woodingdean, becoming Drove Road.

2. After three-quarters-of-a-mile you will reach Falmer Road. Cross over into the car park and take the left fork up to the big mobile phone mast.

Go through the gate, and down into open countryside.

The track rises again and soon you will see Lewes and Kingston tucked under the Downs below you.

3. When you reach the next gate, turn right and ride along the crest of the hill for a mile or so with the view over to Firle Beacon in front of you.

4. A sharp right-hand turn in the path joins a strange concrete section of the South Downs Way. Unfortunately you don’t take the concrete road, you head straight ahead along a more bumpy track towards a large barn.

The track then bends to the left, before heading over a stretch of exposed downland and taking you down a long, straight descent to a T-junction.

5. Turn left and follow the track up and round to the right. You will now be able to see Saltdean and can use it to work out your bearings.

The track eventually meets a gate, but you simply turn right and head down the edge of the field until you reach a farm.

6. Go through the farmyard and take the small ashphalt track that exits to the left. This becomes a bumpy track and then a road that leads you all the way through Saltdean.

Pass the Lido on your left, then, before you reach the main road, take the path that leads down in front of the Lido to a convenient tunnel which will deposit you on the Undercliff Path.

7. Follow the path all the way back to Brighton, stopping on the way for a coffee or even a swim, if you’re tough enough.

  • Distance/time: Seven miles/three hours at a very gentle pace.
  • Surface: Everything from tarmac to pasty wet clay.
  • Difficulty rating: Medium
  • Thirsty work: Cafes in Rottingdean and the excellent Undercliff cafe right on the beach at Ovingdean, between Rottingdean and Brighton.
  • Your bike: Anything with knobbly tyres.
  • So you don't get lost: OS ref 122

For a larger version of the map, see 'related links' above.