A fusion to take on the world

The Argus:

10:00am Monday 27th October 2014

Baka Beyond have been making world music since before the term was common parlance, fusing African rhythm with Celtic harmony.

Oh, Happy Days... For Gibson’s Gospel

The Argus:

6:00am Saturday 25th October 2014

Hannah Collisson speaks to the woman behind Lewes Sings Gospel Karen Gibson

Thirty Years of Toyah

The Argus:

6:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

Hannah Collisson talks to singer Toyah Willcox about her music and more

Award-winning Imelda is so bewitching

The Argus:

6:00am Saturday 4th October 2014

Taking on what has been described as one of the greatest roles in musical theatre must come with a certain amount of expectation and pressure, but Imelda Staunton is taking it in her stride.

Making the stories jump from the page

The Argus:

12:00am Saturday 23rd August 2014

It occurred to me the other day, people who write, or make pictures, or compose music – people in ‘the Arts’, we can go on forever until we drop dead because the resources we need essentially are a thing to write with or draw with,” muses John Vernon Lord.

We built this show on Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Argus:

6:00pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

From footballer to drag queen to Victorian thug, Ben Richards is a chameleon of an actor who is keen never to play the same role twice.

Taking the lead with Lee Mead

The Argus:

7:30pm Monday 11th August 2014

From stage to screen and beyond, this is a man with many career strings to his bow.

Author Simon Brett on being patron of Worthing’s World of Words Festival

The Argus: Author Simon Brett on being patron of Worthing’s World of Words Festival

9:30am Monday 16th June 2014

By their very nature writers spend a lot of time alone, wrestling with prose in locked studies and attics.

Frank Skinner goes from lad to dad

The Argus: Frank Skinner

5:00am Saturday 17th May 2014

Comedian Frank Skinner talks to Nione Meakin about faith, fatherhood and finally shrugging off his laddish persona

Taking a fresh look at family life

12:00am Saturday 3rd May 2014

Everything But The Girl musician Ben Watt tells Nione Meakin why writing about his parents made him examine his own life too

Talkin' bout my generation

11:46am Tuesday 29th April 2014

The Mods are coming to Brighton - or one of them at least. Forty years after their clashes with rockers on Brighton seafront made headlines on May 18, 1964, comes a new book that revisits one of the 20th century's most influential youth cults. Nione Meakin talks to its author.

Former Brighton Festival chief and bow tie aficionado Gavin Henderson

The Argus: Former Brighton Festival chief and bow tie aficionado Gavin Henderson

12:00am Saturday 19th April 2014

It’s 20 years since Gavin Henderson helmed his last Brighton Festival but as he returns to take part in festivities once more, it’s clear some things never change.

A fascination with heroines of the past

12:00am Saturday 12th April 2014

Historical fiction author Philippa Gregory chats to Nione Meakin about filling in the gaps in women’s history and why she hated the subject at school

"Having kids made me a better stand-up"

The Argus: "Having kids made me a better stand-up"

12:00am Saturday 29th March 2014

Comedian and actor Kerry Godliman tells Nione Meakin why she prefers stand-up to acting, and why her children provide her with great material

It's a charmed life for Russell

The Argus: It's a charmed life for Russell

12:00am Saturday 22nd March 2014

Comedian Russell Howard tells Nione Meakin why he feels lucky to have his job, his life... and his mum

McGowan's making a lasting impression

12:00am Saturday 15th March 2014

Impressionist Alistair McGowan talks to Nione Meakin about Spitting Image, fitting in and playing Pygmalion's Henry Higgins.

Puzzles of the past

The Argus: Puzzles of the past

12:00am Saturday 8th March 2014

Historian and self-styled ‘photo detective’ Jayne Shrimpton talks to Nione Meakin about painstakingly piecing together family histories and her fascination with the faces of days gone by

Putting our humanity under the microscope

12:00am Sunday 2nd March 2014

Scientist and humanist Jim Al-Khalili talks to Nione Meakin about bringing mankind together, and what makes science cool.

It's good to talk

The Argus: It's good to talk

12:00am Saturday 22nd February 2014

Loudmouthed comedian Ruby Wax tells Nione Meakin how training as a therapist helped her conquer her mental health demons

The 'hidden history' that lurks beneath

The Argus: The 'hidden history' that lurks beneath

12:00am Saturday 15th February 2014

Actress and clothing connoisseur Rosemary Hawthorne tells Nione Meakin about our romantic sense of nostalgia and her excellent knicker knowledge.

Voyage of discovery and disagreement

The Argus: Voyage of discovery and disagreement

12:00am Saturday 8th February 2014

Ben Hatch talks to Nione Meakin about fictionalising family life in his travelogues and why he had no option but to become a writer.

"Now it's all about the creativity"

The Argus: "Now it's all about the creativity"

12:00am Saturday 1st February 2014

One half of Britain’s most famous ice-skating duo, Jayne Torvill, talks to Nione Meakin about partners, performance and that purple costume.

Making a name for himself

The Argus: Making a name for himself

12:00am Saturday 11th January 2014

Mathew Horne talks to Nione Meakin about comedy, Chekhov and why he'll forever be known as 'Gavlar'.

Everything’s coming up rosy

The Argus: Charlie Dimmock as Fairy Organic

6:00am Saturday 28th December 2013

TV gardener Charlie Dimmock talks to Nione Meakin about planting, panto and planning ahead

Love of a lifetime

The Argus: Love of a lifetime

12:00am Saturday 14th December 2013

Devoted song and dance man Tommy Steele regales Nione Meakin with stories from more than 50 years in showbusiness

Art of illumination

The Argus: Art of illumination

2:00pm Saturday 7th December 2013

Lighting designer Philip Oakley talks to Nione Meakin about the most interesting items in his collection, creating his own designs and the cost of his electricity bills

Questions of class

The Argus: Anthony Seldon

11:52am Monday 2nd December 2013

Head teacher Anthony Seldon tells Nione Meakin about his radical approaches to learning and sets the record straight about public schools and the First World War

Wrapped up in the moment

12:00am Saturday 23rd November 2013

A knitting fanatic from an early age, artist Kate Jenkins has crocheted and crafted for companies big and small. Nione Meakin gets her to tell a few yarns ahead of a Brighton exhibition

"I'll say exactly what I think."

12:00am Sunday 17th November 2013

Straight-talking singer Sharleen Spiteri talks to Nione Meakin about fame, fashion and kicking up a fuss at Liz Hurley’s house

To the ends of the earth

12:00am Sunday 10th November 2013

Sir Ranulph Fiennes tells Nione Meakin how even losing his fingers to frostbite won't put him off exploring.

Made for the stage

12:00am Saturday 2nd November 2013

Patricia Routledge talks to Nione Meakin about her enduring love of theatre and why she will always be grateful for Hyacinth Bucket

Crime fighter with a difference

The Argus: Crime fighter with a difference

12:00am Sunday 27th October 2013

Saltdean author Elly Griffiths talks to Nione Meakin about creating a realistic protagonist in the shape of overweight forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway

Standing on her own two feet

The Argus: Standing on her own two feet

12:00am Saturday 19th October 2013

Singer, model and businesswoman VV Brown tells Nione Meakin wny she quit a major record deal to go it alone.

The healing power of live performance

The Argus: The healing power of live performance

12:00am Saturday 12th October 2013

Poker-faced comedian Paul Merton tells Nione Meakin about improvisation, avoiding the Job Centre and how’s he found comfort in comedy in the past

"I'd be in a scrum then go on stage as Oberon."

The Argus: "I'd be in a scrum then go on stage as Oberon."

9:40am Sunday 6th October 2013

Welsh actor Steve Speirs talks to Nione Meakin about juggling acting and rugby, and why he'd love to work with Ricky Gervais again.

Scents and sensibility

The Argus: Scents and sensibility

12:00am Sunday 29th September 2013

World famous fragrance ‘nose’ Roja Dove tells Nione Meakin how a simple smell can conjure up the strongest of emotions for both him and his high-profile clients

Luck of the draw

The Argus: Luck of the draw

12:00am Sunday 22nd September 2013

Author and illustrator Chris Riddell tells Nione Meakin about leading a double life, and why his children are his harshest critics

Defying stereotypes

The Argus: Defying stereotypes

12:00am Sunday 15th September 2013

Best-selling novelist Joanna Trollope talks to Nione Meakin about family, football and why the only critics that really matter are her readers

There's more to life than making people laugh

12:00am Sunday 8th September 2013

Adrian Edmondson tells Nione Meakin about music, marriage and moving on

Still young at heart

4:40pm Sunday 1st September 2013

Musician Paul Young tells Nione Meakin how performing brought him out of his shell, why he’s glad to have left his 1980s star status behind him and why he believes TV talent shows have taken all the fun out of forging a career in music

Mr Nice Guy owes it all to a baddie

The Argus: Mr Nice Guy owes it all to a baddie

12:00am Sunday 25th August 2013

Actor and Hove local Brian Capron tells Nione Meakin why he's still indebted to Richard Hillman.

Let the credits roll

The Argus: Let the credits roll

12:00am Sunday 18th August 2013

As cinema manager Jon Barrenechea draws the curtain on his time at the Duke Of York’s, he tells Nione Meakin why there will always be a need for arthouse cinemas

Watching characters come to life

The Argus: Watching characters come to life

12:00am Sunday 11th August 2013

Hove author and illustrator Polly Dunbar tells Nione Meakin how she feels now her stories have gained worldwide success.

The not-so-beautiful game

12:00am Sunday 4th August 2013

Forner undercover cop James Bannon tells Nione Meakin about the dangers he faced infiltrating a gang of football hooligans.

Sweet dreams are made of this

The Argus: Sweet dreams are made of this

9:00am Monday 29th July 2013

From lifelike babies to royal replicas, there's no challenge too big for artist Michelle Wibowo, as Nione Meakin finds out.

Like father, like son

The Argus: Stanley Johnson on one of his many expeditions

10:00am Sunday 21st July 2013

With his mass of floppy blond hair and an ability to talk a mile a minute, conservationist Stanley Johnson has much in common with his son Boris. Here he speaks to Nione Meakin about collating travelling tales for his latest book, Where The Wild Things Were

Born to be in the kitchen

The Argus: Aldo Zilli

11:34am Monday 15th July 2013

Chef Aldo Zilli talks to Nione Meakin about why Brighton is like a second home

Taking a fresh look at times gone by...

The Argus: Historian Lucy Worsley

11:24am Monday 15th July 2013

Popular historian Lucy Worsley talks to Nione Meakin about dressing up, defying expectations and delving into the past

"I'm happy to be out there to be shot at"

10:21am Tuesday 2nd July 2013

TV presenter and new novelist Richard Madeley talks to Nione Meakin about fielding criticism, lasting love and getting in touch with his feminine side.

"I think I was born to be middle-aged"

10:27am Thursday 27th June 2013

TV stalwart Caroline Quentin tells Nione Meakin why she's never been happier.

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