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Wildlife wander from Boreham Street

The Argus:

12:00am Saturday 23rd August 2014

John Harmer starts from Boreham Street to cross Waller’s Haven, which flows through Hooe Level between Bexhill and Hailsham. He visits an isolated parish church before returning on the 1066 Country Walk.

Woodland Wander

The Argus: Woodland Wander

12:00pm Monday 30th June 2014

From the Cuckoo Trail (CT) car park in Hillside Drive, cross the road at the lower end of the car park and follow the direction of the CT signs, bearing right between the houses, on the section towards Hailsham.

John Harmer strolls round the Rother Valley

The Argus: John Harmer strolls round the Rother Valley

9:30am Monday 16th June 2014

The parish of Etchingham lies in the picturesque Rother valley near the Kent border. John Harmer offers a choice of walks, with an optional visit to a house with a medieval legend:

Chailey circular

The Argus: The lake at Moat House (point 2). Photo by Bev Marks

5:00am Saturday 17th May 2014

Chailey, a few miles north of Lewes, is a parish in three parts: North Chailey, Chailey Green, where the parish church is situated, and South Chailey. On this walk, John Harmer encompasses the last two, exploring this rural landscape, which includes a 300-year-old brick-making industry

Brede circular

The Argus: Brede Parish Church

5:00am Saturday 3rd May 2014

On this walk in the south-eastern corner of the High Weald, from the village of Brede, John Harmer encounters St George, opposed by a lion rather than a dragon, along with some powerful giants and good views across the Brede Valley

Polegate to Hailsham

The Argus: Hailsham Common Pond at point 4

6:00am Saturday 19th April 2014

This is an ideal Easter walk for all the family, including those with limited mobility, and two shorter options. John Harmer uses the Cuckoo Trail between Polegate and Hailsham, and discovers some interesting facts and unusual features, with plenty of opportunities for a rest

Crowborough circular

The Argus: Old Lodge Warren (between points 2 and 3)

6:00am Saturday 5th April 2014

John Harmer ventures into the north of the county and east of Crowborough to discover some historical and unusual items of interest on his walk through the field and woodland paths in this part of the High Weald

Hastings circular

The Argus: The view from High Wickham

6:00am Saturday 22nd March 2014

Hastings Country Park is to the east of the town, on higher ground where the High Weald meets the sea. John Harmer starts from Ore to explore the wild side of Hastings and climbs to the highest point to enjoy the extensive views

Seaford circular

The Argus: Ruined buildings at the old village of Tide Mills

6:00am Saturday 8th March 2014

This is a bracing walk along the coast at Seaford and on downland behind the town. On the way, John Harmer discovers a lost village, a Saxon and a Norman church, and a new use for a Victorian church building

Bexhill circular

The Argus: Bexhill Down

6:00am Saturday 22nd February 2014

This walk offers the opportunity to explore some lesser-known parts of Bexhill, while avoiding the very wet underfoot conditions this winter. John Harmer starts from the suburb of Sidley (although it is convenient to start from two other points) and his trail through the twittens includes a secluded pond and the remains of an old windmill

Heathfield circular

The Argus: Herrings Farmhouse at point 3

6:00am Saturday 8th February 2014

With the ground saturated from heavy rain, John Harmer keeps to higher ground in the High Weald around Heathfield. On the route he has a close encounter with the TV mast and discovers new uses for old railway property

Winchelsea circular

The Argus: The end wall of an ancient building, near the end of the walk

6:00am Saturday 25th January 2014

The town of Winchelsea, one of the Confederation of Cinque Ports, dates from 1288 on its present site, with many buildings of interest to be seen. John Harmer starts this longer winter-warmer walk from here to Icklesham with views across the Brede Valley and Pett Level

Robertsbridge circular

The Argus: Tree-lined avenue towards Mountfield Court

6:00am Saturday 11th January 2014

The High Weald village of Robertsbridge grew with the coming of the railway in the middle of the 19th century. It is the starting point for this walk, in which John Harmer ventures south towards Mountfield, observing things of interest both old and new, then follows the railway back to the village

Falmer circular

The Argus: Falmer village pond

6:30am Saturday 28th December 2013

This longer walk is ideal for burning off the excesses of the season. John Harmer begins in the ancient downland village of Falmer, which retains its rural charm and tranquillity despite being divided in half by a major road and its close proximity to two universities and a football stadium

Northiam circular

The Argus: View from the plantation near Great Dixter

6:00am Saturday 14th December 2013

For this short pre-Christmas walk, John Harmer visits Northiam in the north-east of the county and the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The route includes part of the Sussex Border Path and Great Dixter, the former home of famous gardener Christopher Lloyd

East Dean circular

The Argus: Beachy Head and the lighthouse

6:00am Saturday 30th November 2013

Nestled in the South Downs between Eastbourne and Seaford is the village of East Dean. John Harmer takes a walk over undulating downland and open access land to see two lighthouses, Seven Sisters and many sheep, before returning via the ancient church at Friston

Bodle Street Green circular

The Argus: A view along the way

6:00am Saturday 16th November 2013

This is a more challenging walk, rather than a Sunday stroll, the rewards being the delightful countryside in this green and pleasant land. John Harmer starts from Bodle Street Green in the depths of rural East Sussex and heads westwards, with an optional visit to Cowbeech, before completing the circuit

Barcombe circular

The Argus: Barn at Banks Farm near point 4, photo by Bev Marks

6:00am Saturday 2nd November 2013

The River Ouse flows through Barcombe Parish, consisting of a village and two hamlets. John Harmer begins at Barcombe Mills, the site of milling for many centuries, then goes to the original village, deserted following the Black Death. Lastly, he goes through the modern village of Barcombe Cross before returning along the Sussex Ouse Valley Way

Cooden circular

The Argus: The view approaching point 5

5:00am Saturday 19th October 2013

This walk leads from Cooden’s leafy lanes with luxury houses, across Hooe Level to the site of the lost medieval village of Northeye. On the way John Harmer discovers information about a smuggling trail and passes an old manor house and grounds with some modern additions

Burwash circular

The Argus: Bateman’s mill house and pond

9:00am Monday 7th October 2013

On his first anniversary as a walks contributor to The Argus, John Harmer returns to Burwash, the village of his birth. The route, with optional extras, passes through the Dudwell Valley close to Rudyard Kipling’s former home, on through glorious countryside and finally returning to the village to discover things of historical interest

Chiddingly figure-of-eight

The Argus: Wood sculptures in the Millennium Garden

9:00am Monday 23rd September 2013

In the Low Weald, well away from towns and traffic, lies the rural parish of Chiddingly, which consists of the village surrounded by a numbers of hamlets. John Harmer starts this figure-of-eight walk in the heart of the village, where two long-distance routes meet, to offer two short walks with the possibility of a pub or picnic lunch in between

Guestling/Pett circular

The Argus: House near point 3

11:00am Monday 9th September 2013

Just a few miles north-east of the coastal town of Hastings are the rural parishes of Guestling and Pett. John Harmer takes a walk through this lesser visited south-eastern part of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty to find some points of interest, both large and small

Ticehurst circular

The Argus: View across Bewl Water, photo by Sarah Harmer

11:00am Monday 26th August 2013

The village of Ticehurst in the north of East Sussex is the starting point on John Harmer’s walk to take in extensive views of Bewl Water, the largest reservoir in southern England, and the Nature Reserve. There are also buildings of interest to be seen, including the ancient Parish Church

Firle circular

The Argus: The tower in Firle Park

11:00am Monday 12th August 2013

At the foot of the South Downs northern escarpment, and within the new National Park, nestles the historic village of Firle. John Harmer takes a walk which encircles the village, climbs to the well-known landmark Beacon and passes through the Firle Place estate. Finally, a visit to the ancient parish church reveals a strange tree in the churchyard

Westham circular

The Argus: Pevensey Castle at point 5

10:00am Monday 29th July 2013

Westham, to the north-east of Eastbourne, is the starting point for this walk by John Harmer to circumnavigate an area known as Hankham Level. On the way, he points out features stretching back to Roman times and discovers some modern additions to the countryside

Rotherfield circular

The Argus: Thatched cottages between points 2 and 3

11:00am Monday 15th July 2013

Set in the heart of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is the historic village of Rotherfield. A modern addition is the Millennium Green with its Nature Trail which is the starting point for this walk with John Harmer, heading north through woodland and returning to the village to visit the ancient parish church

High Salvington circular

The Argus: Perfectly proportioned 18th century Findon Place at point 4 of the walk

11:00am Monday 8th July 2013

High Salvington, north of Worthing, is where the South Downs begin their rise to lofty eminence. On this shorter circular walk with Eddie Start, we get to a highpoint above Findon and thread our way back to Salvington Mill

Bodiam circular

The Argus: Triple oast house between points 1 and 2

9:30am Monday 1st July 2013

In the north-east of the county, bordering Kent, there is a village which boasts a moated castle and a preserved light railway. John Harmer takes a walk around Bodiam, including a section of the Sussex Border Path, with the offer of shorter options, to view these and other features of a bygone era

Shortgate circular

The Argus: A shady woodland path

9:30am Monday 17th June 2013

There are many interesting secrets to be found in the Sussex countryside. John Harmer discovers some of these on this walk around Shortgate, near Ringmer. There are two optional visits, just off route, to see vintage motor cars, wildfowl and rescued animals. Shady woodland and sweeping views of the South Downs are also to be enjoyed

Punnetts Town circular

The Argus: The view between points 2 and 3

9:20am Monday 3rd June 2013

John Harmer begins his walk in Punnetts Town, going through delightful countryside with good views. Near the end is an optional visit to a rather sad-looking windmill; although restored some time ago, it is currently missing two sweeps and a fantail

Hailsham circular

The Argus: Wood carvings along the Cuckoo Trail

11:00am Monday 20th May 2013

This week John Harmer uses parts of two long-distant routes which have featured in his previous walks. The route starts in Hailsham, going around a new housing development, then via the Wealdway to Upper Horsebridge, and a moated manor house to Hellingly. The return route is via the Cuckoo Trail, which offers a shorter option for those with limited mobility

Mayfield circular

The Argus: Glebe Farm, near point 2

11:00am Monday 6th May 2013

The village of Mayfield is in the High Weald and has excellent views. John Harmer uses parts of the Mayfield Circular Walk (look for the small circular metal discs on posts) with other paths to discover an ancient custom and a source of power in bygone centuries

Peasmarsh circular

The Argus: Peasmarsh Church at point 4

10:30am Monday 22nd April 2013

In the east of the county, along the road from Northiam to Rye, lies the spread-out village of Peasmarsh. In this week’s walk, John Harmer uses some ancient footpaths and tracks to explore the varied landscape

Ditchling circular

The Argus: Westmeston Parish Church at point 4

11:30am Monday 8th April 2013

John Harmer heads off on a walk through Westmeston with its interesting churchyard and passing through Stoneywish Nature Reserve before returning to Ditchling village, the most westerly parish in East Sussex

Sedlescombe circular

The Argus: Pond approaching point 2

11:00am Monday 25th March 2013

There is much water to be seen but not a drop to drink on this walk around Sedlescombe by John Harmer. However, there may be an opportunity for wine tasting en route and certainly some good views across the High Weald if the weather is fine

South Downs National Park circular

The Argus: Views of meandering Cuckmere River from above the Visitor Centre

11:00am Monday 11th March 2013

For this week’s walk John Harmer ventures into the South Downs National Park. The route starts from the Visitor Centre at Exceat, going via West Dean with an optional visit to Litlington. The walk takes in woodland and downland with spectacular views, then along the Cuckmere Riverbank

Herstmonceux circular

The Argus: Comphurst at point 3 of the walk

9:30am Monday 25th February 2013

On this walk John Harmer starts from Herstmonceux to see a windmill, a Tudor farmhouse, a medieval castle and a more ancient church before returning through fields with sweeping views across the Low Weald to the South Downs when visibility is good

Hastings circular

The Argus: Special feature in the lake near point 5

10:00am Monday 11th February 2013

With the ground still saturated from heavy rain throughout December, and a snow covering since, John Harmer follows a mainly urban route through greenways in and around Hastings. Included are Alexandra Park and two local nature reserves with plenty of wildlife to observe at close range

Blackboys circular

The Argus: Waterfalls at Newplace Farm

11:00am Monday 28th January 2013

On the southern edge of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the small village of Blackboys is the starting point for this walk. John Harmer uses parts of two long-distance routes, with views across the Low Weald to the South Downs, and points out several interesting and unusual features along the way

Hampden Park to Jevington

The Argus: A trig point on the South Downs Way

11:00am Monday 14th January 2013

Today’s route begins with a walk in the park and then leads to some steep climbs on the South Downs. John Harmer invites you to enjoy this scenic route, from Hampden Park to Jevington and back, as a winter warmer and to burn off any excesses of the festive season

Wadhurst circular

The Argus: New pond approaching point 4

10:00am Monday 31st December 2012

John Harmer explores the heart of the High Weald Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Wadhurst

Foredown Tower circular

The Argus: The Foredown Tower in Portslade

10:30am Monday 24th December 2012

On this brisk boot-camp burst with Eddie Start, starting at Foredown Tower in Portslade, you can burn off excess Christmas calories, feel smugly invigorated and get yourself ready for the New Year to begin

Ninfield circular

The Argus: The Christmas tree plantation at point 2

10:00am Monday 17th December 2012

Christmas trees are a very appropriate feature on this short walk by John Harmer, starting from the village of Ninfield and finishing with views of the South Downs, where we will be going in a few weeks

Stanmer circular

The Argus: The flint-faced Stanmer church at the start of the walk

10:00am Monday 10th December 2012

On this walk at the edge of Brighton with Eddie Start, take a circuit around the wider boundaries of the Stanmer estate, following woodland paths across open hilltops before returning to the ever-popular village

Arlington circular

The Argus: View of the South Downs

10:30am Monday 3rd December 2012

The backdrop of the South Downs is a feature of this walk by John Harmer in the Cuckmere Valley around Arlington. The route includes: part of the reservoir perimeter path and the Wealdway; the parish church and ancient tracks; with the optional extra of a visit to Abbot’s Wood

Heathfield circular

The Argus: Sapperton Manor Farm at point 5

9:30am Monday 19th November 2012

Cuckoos, railways and rebels: it is very unlikely that any of these will be seen on this walk. However, these are significant points of interest along this route by John Harmer. Starting from the market town of Heathfield, this figure-of-eight walk includes the original settlement of Old Heathfield and an optional visit to Cade Street, before returning through scenic rural landscape

Bexhill circular

The Argus: The view towards Crowhurst from point 5

8:00am Monday 5th November 2012

The Sussex coast can be exhilarating in late autumn; John Harmer starts this walk from the Manor Barn in Bexhill Old Town, making for Galley Hill, from where there are extensive views along the coast from Eastbourne to Hastings. The walk then continues through the newly designated Combe Valley Countryside Park

Hurst Green circular

The Argus: The grounds of Great Wigsell

10:00am Monday 22nd October 2012

For this walk in the High Weald, John Harmer starts at the village of Hurst Green in the north-east of the county and goes to the Kent border. The return route is through a typical High Weald landscape of woodland, small fields and steep-sided valleys; and climbs to the highest ground in the locality from where there are extensive views

Battle circular

The Argus: View of Battle Parish Church from Uckham Lane

9:20am Monday 8th October 2012

Taking over the East Sussex walks from Ben Perkins this week, his rambling friend, John Harmer, begins in Battle, where he has lived for the past 33 years. One of many delights on this walk around the outskirts of this historic town is the close proximity of town and countryside, with many points of interest to see along the way

Lewes to Patcham

The Argus: The path approaching point four

11:02am Monday 24th September 2012

Starting from Lewes, this linear walk by Ben Perkins climbs to head west along the ridge of the Downs, passing an exceptional viewpoint at Blackcap. It then turns south across rolling downland, passing through High Park Woods to finish at Patcham on the northern outskirts of Brighton

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