A hospital worker accused of asking a Moroccan patient if she “owned a camel” could be banned from working.

Martin Swain is accused of a string of racist and sexist abuse while working at Victoria Hospital in Lewes.

He is alleged to have made “inappropriate and offensive remarks to colleagues, patients and third parties” during a period from June 2009 to August 2009, during which time he was working for East Sussex Community Health Services at the hospital.

The operating department practitioner allegedly said shoddy building work at the operating theatre was down to “eastern Europeans” on June 9.

He is also accused of telling a female colleague, “You should stick to childcare and knitting” on July 16 and asking a prisoner being treated, “Where did you bury the money?” on August 5.

Mr Swain is due to appear before the Health and Care Professions Council misconduct panel today (November 12).

'Best left to men'

Sexist remarks On June 17, he allegedly asked a Moroccan patient, “Do you own a camel?”, and on July 16 that year, he is accused of saying to a female colleague, “Jobs like this (fixing a piece of equipment) were best left to men” and she “should stick to childcare and knitting”.

When he was challenged by the colleague, he is said to have replied: “You would think/say that, you’re a woman”.

He allegedly made further sexist remarks, saying “women should stick to what they know best: cooking, cleaning and bringing up children” on July 16, 2009.

It is also alleged Mr Swain received a patient that day who was a prisoner under guard and while prepping he asked the patient words to the effect “where did you hide/bury the money?”

As a result of the accusations of misconduct, Mr Swain is alleged to be unfit to practise.

If his alleged actions are found proven by the conduct panel, he could be banned from working as an operating practitioner for life.

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