Far right and anti-fascist groups are preparing to clash in Brighton on St George’s Day.

Last year bins were torched and items were thrown at the police as March for England held a St George’s Day march through the city.

There were also counter-demonstrators who lined the route along Queen’s Road and blocked the route before being moved on by police using batons and pepper-spray.

The far right organisation has revealed plans to repeat its march next year.

Anti-fascist groups have said they are planning another counter protest on the day.

A post on the website of Rough Music, which describes itself as Brighton’s “trouble makin’, dirt diggin’ monthly newsletter”, calls for a counter-mobilisation.

It said: “This time around there's no pretence that April 21 will be anything other an attempt to force unwanted and very un-Brightonian opinions down our collective throat.

“This isn't a celebration, it's a threat.”

It quoted the Stop March for England group, one of those who took to the streets last year to oppose the march, who said: “Brighton was a significant turning point for anti-fascism in the UK – we showed that a community united could drown out the message of hate.”

Missiles thrown

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “We are aware that March for England has put in a proposal for coming to Brighton and we are talking to the organisers.”

The force will hope the march will not be a repeat of last year, when officers were subjected to missiles being hurled at them, including plates of food and drink cans.

A ten-year-old girl taking part in the march was hit on the head but continued to take part.

Sussex Police had to investigate complaints of heavy-handedness after the march when YouTube footage showed officers, some on horseback, hitting unarmed protestors.

But it claimed the tactics were “professional and proportionate” with officers under attack and the footage should be seen in context.


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