A young father-to-be died mysteriously after going for a nap with a headache.

The 25-year-old’s fiancée, who he was due to marry in January, said she would make a “memory box” for his baby.

Pregnant Stacey Furnival will place items linked to Ryan Cassidy so their child, who he had nicknamed “Grape”, can remember him.

Miss Furnival, who had been dating Mr Cassidy for about two years, said she was devastated by his death, especially as he was “fit and healthy”.

Grape The 22-year-old said: “Ryan nicknamed our baby Grape because the doctors said it was the size of a grape.

“It stuck and now that is what we call it.

“I will make a memory box for our child so he or she can remember Ryan and I will tell our baby all about him.”

The couple were due to marry in January and last weekend were set to look for the wedding rings.

Miss Furnival, who will be supported by her family and Mr Cassidy’s parents Debra and John, said: “We were waiting for a cheque to come through before we bought them.

“We were originally getting married in May but then when I got pregnant changed it to January.”

Life support

Describing the build-up to Mr Cassidy’s death on Sunday, October 28, she said: “He went for a sleep on the Friday afternoon because he came home and said he had a migraine, which he sometimes |got.

“But when I went to see him he was not well.”

Mr Cassidy was taken to hospital where he was put on a life support machine.

“He was not breathing for himself and we turned off the machines on Sunday. He died in hospital,” said Miss Furnival.

“At the moment we don’t know why.

“His brain had swelled and there will be an inquest.”

She said Mr Cassidy, who worked as a joiner, was very kind. He loved golf and cars.

She said: “He would have made a fabulous husband and daddy, because of how loving he was.

“He will live on in baby Grape.”

The couple lived together in St Leonards where they both went to school.

Mr Cassidy, who had a 32-year-old brother Dean and 28-year-old twin brothers Craig and Michael, was laid to rest on Monday at St Mary Star-of-the-Sea Church.

Donations can be sent to Macmillan Cancer Support as Michael suffers from a rare form of cancer.

Send donations to Arthur C. Towner Ltd, 2/4 Norman Road, St Leonards, TN37 6NH.

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