A couple escaped serious injuries after their basement flat was firebombed.

Kim Smith and her boyfriend were asleep in bed on Friday night at about 11pm when they heard a smash.

As they entered the front room they discovered the front of the flat in York Road, Hove, was on fire.

Fire crews from Preston Circus attended to help put out the blaze and discovered it had been caused by a petrol bomb thrown at the property, where the couple have lives for three years.

Ms Smith said she was lucky she was not a heavy sleeper or the consequences could have been much worse.

The 26-year-old added: “I hear the window smashing and the next thing I know there were flames up the window.

“I have no idea why it happened- it is completely out of the blue. We have never had any trouble before.

“I was left in shock and disbelief when they said it was a fire bomb.”


A neighbour who did not wish to be named said he thought a glass had been smashed at first.

He said: “I just thought the door had been kicked in afterwards but then I was told it was a fire bomb.

“The fire could have spread to the whole building and put everyone at risk.

“I am horrified someone threw a petrol bomb in this road.

A member of Preston Circus fire crew said: “We were called after reports of a flat being petrol bombed.

“Somebody had filled a bottle with petrol and put a wick in it and then lobbed it at the flat.

“The bottle did not smash so only the wick was burning which we quickly put out.”

A police spokesman confirmed officers had attended the scene and were investigating the incident.

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