An angry mum claims she and her three-year-old son are facing eviction from their home because she complained about a leak.

Abi McCue was served notice to leave her house by her landlord the day after she spoke to council officials about a torrent of water pouring into her child’s bedroom.

In protest she has draped huge banners from her home in Poplar Avenue, Hove, proclaiming: “Greedy landlords make kids homeless”.

The 40-year-old single mother said she had complained about the state of the property to the owner when she moved in 18 months ago with her baby son.

She said: “When we moved in the house was filthy but it was the only one I could afford. The final straw came when water started pouring into my little boy’s bedroom. I complained to the landlord but didn’t hear anything back so I went to the council.

“It’s a disgrace. I’m at the end of my tether.”

'Kicked up a fuss'

But Ms McCue, a biomedical scientist at Royal Sussex County Hospital, claims her complaint triggered an eviction notice from her landlord.

On Monday she received a call from the letting agents Kendricks informing her she had to pack up her belongings and leave.

She said: “They told me the landlord had suddenly decided he wanted to refurbish the house so we had to move out.

“It’s clearly because I’ve kicked up a fuss. Something has got to be done.”

Ms McCue said her one-woman protest had attracted support from passers-by.

Since receiving her notice to leave, Ms McCue has heard nothing from her landlord despite repeated phone calls.

Yesterday afternoon officers from the environmental health team visited the house to assess the scale of the leak.

The Argus left messages on the landlord’s number yesterday but did not receive a response.

Paul Kendrick, the manager of Kendricks letting agency, said: “It’s certainly an odd situation.

“But we are only employed by the landlord to collect the rent, so we have informed Ms McCue that she should take up her issue with him.”

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