A year ago, Isabelle Allen was performing in a school production of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

But now the ten-year-old is preparing for her moment on the red carpet as she joins Hollywood stars for the premiere of the big budget film version of Les Misérables.

Isabelle landed the role of the young Cosette in the film after a top director heard her singing a solo in the school play.

Jeremy Taylor, from the National Youth Theatre, was so impressed by Isabelle’s voice that he contacted casting agents in London and convinced them to take a look at her.

Isabelle went up to London for her auditions and was offered the part.

She then found herself filming at various locations around the UK with stars including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway.

Isabelle, from Eastbourne, who goes to Moira House School, said: “It was exciting although it was hard work as well. We had to do some filming at night and it got really cold at times. I had to walk around barefoot a lot.

“All the famous people were so nice and really helpful. They made me feel relaxed. Whenever I got cold, people would give me a blanket.

Hugh Jackman

“Hugh Jackman was really nice and helped me a lot. It was great fun.”

Isabelle has also been chosen to be the film’s poster girl, recreating the iconic stage-show image of Cosette.

As well as going along to the world premiere in Leicester Square next week, Isabelle will also be on the red carpet for the New York premiere.

She is also appearing in the stage show of Les Misérables in London and has auditions for three more films.

Isabelle said: “I just love performing. I can’t believe so much has happened since Jeremy Taylor saw me.”

Isabelle’s dad, Nigel, said the family were very proud of her.

He said: “She gets on with her school work, is still in touch with her friends and is staying very grounded.

“She has already been asked to sign autographs and when the film comes out more people are going to recognise her but she is coping with everything.

“It has been an amazing experience.”

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