A kitten was torched on her first trip outside.

Hetty the kitten, who was born in April, was set on fire earlier this month in Bewbush, Crawley, and later died.

On Wednesday night police visited the home of her owner Liam Garrard and vowed to investigate who set fire to silver tabby Hetty who had to be put down after the attack.

Mr Garrard, 22, discovered Hetty covered in burns after she crawled through the cat flap of the home he shares with his parents.

Despite taking her to the vet in Faygate, near Horsham, she could not be saved.

Yesterday heartbroken Mr Garrard said: “I can’t believe anyone would do this.

“Hetty was in so much pain when she was dying.

“There are some sadistic, sick people about.”

Sussex Police and the RSPCA are appealing for any witnesses to come forward.

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