An MP has urged the Queen to strip a store of its royal warrants, for selling foie gras.

Caroline Lucas, who represents Brighton Pavilion, accused London-based Fortnum & Mason of touting the prestigious awards while “improperly” promoting the luxury paté to its customers.

In a letter to the Lord Chamberlain, who oversees the warrants, Dr Lucas points to an investigation by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals earlier this year that allegedly uncovered cruelty to geese at one of the store’s French suppliers.

The letter said: “I am appalled that the mistreatment of geese and the sale of foie gras should be associated with the essence of Englishness.”

The pate is made of the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened.

Foie gras force-feeding is outlawed in the UK, but it is still available from fine food specialists and in restaurants.

Dr Lucas added: “I know that my constituents feel strongly about such disregard for animal welfare and on their behalf I request that Fortnum & Mason’s warrants not be renewed until the company ends the sale of foie gras.”

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