New billboards are to be installed across a city to raise funds for their cash-strapped council.

The Green administration of Brighton and Hove City is looking to use space in the city to generate more income from advertising.

It has appointed J C Decaux to find potential new sites and to sell advertising space on existing and new hoardings.

The global outdoor advertising company will be officially appointed at the next meeting of the council’s procurement team after approval from its policy and resources committee last week.

The council earns £200,000 annually through advertising billboards.

It believes that additional income of £250,000 a year can be generated from new sites.

The majority of advertising income comes from events being advertised at the Brighton Centre.

There are currently eight advertising hoardings around the city at Cavendish Street Car Park, the junction of Viaduct Road and Ditchling Road and six in Wellington Street, Portslade.

Subject to planning

A spokeswoman for the council said the public will be consulted as part of the planning process for any potential new sites.

She said: “Any potential visual impact from the installation of new advertising structures in the city will be minimised by carefully evaluating each new site over time.

“In addition, any new installation will be subject, where appropriate, to planning and advertising consent.”

Councillor Jason Kitcat, leader of the council, said: “Part of the contract that is to be awarded is the requirement for the chosen company to identify potential future sites to the council.

“These would be then considered on a case by case basis and would need council approval and advertising consent.”

Gill Mitchell leader of the Labour group at the council said: “While we do not want to see a proliferation of advertising hoardings around the city, we support the committee’s recommendations.

“We are adamant that any new sites identified must come back to the committee for approval.”

The new contract is due to commence in January 2013 and last for ten years.

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