The private sector is creating jobs faster than they are being shed in the public sector, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics.

In the last three months unemployment has fallen by just under 300 in Sussex.

Unemployment in the last month in Sussex remained virtually static with a fall of just over 50 people.

In Brighton and Hove the number was also almost unchanged at 6,136.

Nationally, the number of people out of work fell by 82,000 between August and October, to 2.51 million.

Wendy Bell, general manager at Sussex Enterprise, said: “If we look at the national picture, in the third quarter, the number of people employed in the private sector rose 65,000, while public sector employment fell 24,000.

"The increase in private sector employment supports our view that Sussex businesses are able and willing to drive recovery at a time when the public sector will inevitably continue to shrink.

“Although we support the Government’s deficit reduction plan, it will cause further job losses in the public sector and an effective growth strategy must be implemented to enable the private sector to absorb those people seeking jobs, or else unemployment will rise.

“This requires further deregulation, increased infrastructure spending, and the early creation of a business bank that improves access to finance.”

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