A school has said that pupils will be allowed to bring in Kindles and e-books in a bid to get them reading.

Oakmeeds Community College in Station Road, Burgess Hill, has announced that children would be allowed to take them into class following academic research which suggested youngsters preferred reading from these gadgets to traditional books.

A pupil at the West Sussex County Council-run school made the suggestion and head of English Julie Bonner informed senior management, who gave it the go ahead.

Mrs Bonner said she had read academic research that suggested the gadgets – which can store thousands of books – encouraged reluctant readers to enjoy literature.

She said: “We have to make sure the students are engaged and interested in reading.

“If we allow students to bring in their Kindles and e-books, then hopefully more will become interested in reading.

“Studies have suggested that children who read more perform better in English, so we would like pupils to read.

“They have to take responsibility for their e-books.

“We do not have anywhere to store them but children bring expensive phones to school and they look after them.

“We are having a drive to push reading and a lot of children enjoy reading on their Kindles – and if more get e-books or Kindles for Christmas then they are likely to want to use them.”

The e-readers and Kindles will be used for English reading and reading assignments in tutorials.

Previously, Eastbourne Academy equipped pupils with iPads in September.

A school spokesman said: “The modern world needs students and future employees who know how to use the latest technology in a work environment.”

Talking point: To what extend do you feel this will encourage young people to read more? Are you a fan of e-readers? What do you like or dislike about them?

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