Twenty-eight people have now contacted Sussex Police claiming to have information relating to the Jimmy Savile investigation.

Fifteen of these people say that they were assaulted by either Savile or other high-profile figures.

Another 13 have contacted Sussex Police to tell them that they have information which they believe to be vital to the case, codenamed Operation Yewtree.

The investigation is being headed by the Metropolitan Police and relates to offences allegedly committed by Jim’ll Fix It star Savile and others.

The Argus can reveal that five people have reported being assaulted by Savile at locations in Sussex including Brighton, Worthing and East Grinstead.

Another five currently living in Sussex have reported being assaulted by Savile elsewhere.

Five other people have contacted Sussex Police to say that they have been victims of offences by four other men elsewhere in the country, not relating to Savile.

High profile

There were two allegations about one of the men and one each against the three others.

A source said that these cases were being referred to the Metropolitan Police because the victims were referring to high-profile people – not necessarily known to Savile – and had been inspired to contact Sussex Police because of the publicity surrounding Savile.

Thirteen other people currently living in Sussex have called the force to supply information which they feel will be of assistance to the Operation Yewtree investigation, but did not made allegations of specific offences.

Referring to the Savile reports, a Sussex Police spokesman said that in March 2008 a 59-year-old woman reported to Sussex Police that she had been indecently assaulted by a man in Worthing in the summer of 1970 when she was 22.

Under investigation

He said: “We take all such reports seriously, however long ago the period they relate to, and an investigation, carried out by detectives at Worthing over a period of several weeks, was reviewed by supervising officers.

“But the woman was reluctant to support any prosecution, and it was therefore not pursued further, and a report was not submitted to the CPS by Sussex Police.”

In other Savile reports, in October three women, one from abroad and two from elsewhere in the UK, told police they were sexually assaulted in Brighton, one in 1966 when aged 16, one in 1982 aged 16 and one in 1983 aged 20.

Another reported that she was sexually assaulted in East Grinstead in 1979/1980, when she was eight or nine.

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