Young entrepreneurs have suggested a millionaire businessman invests in their bright idea – Seagull crisps.

Brothers Freddie, seven, and Zac, five, have come up with a business plan which they think could net Brighton and Hove Albion £32,000 a year.

The brothers came up with the idea after a holiday to Barcelona where their dad Carl bought them a packet of FC Barcelona crisps at a game in the Spanish city.

Now the two boys have done their maths and appealed to Albion chairman Tony Bloom to launch a similar snack for Seagulls fans.

Freddie calculated that by earning the club 5p profit per pack on 640,000 packets, they could bring in £32,000 a year.The boys also suggested Mr Bloom consider putting an incentive into the packets – such as free tickets to see the players training inside one in every 1,000 packs.

The club is now considering whether they could launch the snack.

Explaining their business model, Freddie said: “I think I could earn the Seagulls £32,000 a year.

Here’s why; there are at least 25,000 fans who come to matches. Let’s say for every fan in the stadium, there’s another three at home and they all might buy a packet of crisps.

“That’s 100,000 people. My dad says that’s the potential market. Let’s say that 10,000 buy at least one packet per week over a year and another 10,000 buy one packet a month.

“That’s 640,000 packets per year. If you get 5p per packet that’s £32,000. You could stock them at the ground and ask Asda and other supermarkets locally to stock them.”

Zac added in his letter to Mr Bloom: “Can we have some Brighton crisps please?”

A club spokesperson said: “It is absolutely superb that two of our young supporters have sent in this idea, we always welcome feedback from fans and it is certainly something we will pass onto our caterers to look at the possibility.”