A pair of walkers who had to be rescued from a sodden field after they became stuck in mud were following a public right of way when they got into difficulties.

As reported in Friday’s Argus, two women walkers and a man who had tried to come to their rescue had to be led to safety by firefighters from a field off Whiteway Lane outside Iford near Rodmell on Thursday (January 3) after becoming bogged down in deep mud.

Specialist firefighters used inflatable mats to lead the trio to safety in a rescue lasting more than two hours.

A neighbour told The Argus she did not believe the field had a footpath through it, a claim denied by one of the rescued women.

Barbara Mann said: “The path across the field which we were following is a public right of way.

“As experienced walkers we both object to the implication that we should not have been on that path.

“It is a path used quite correctly and very frequently by many walkers.”

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