Plans to modify a treacherous road junction are set to be approved.

Nearly seven in ten residents who responded (67 per cent of 660) said they were happy with the proposals for the Seven Dials roundabout in Brighton, which has seen 20 accidents in the last three years.

Among 44 local businesses who responded, almost three quarters backed the idea.

The changes would see the central island enlarged, with a single lane created around it five metres wide.

This is planned to reduce vehicle speed.

Twenty three people have been injured within 25 metres of the junction over the last three years, with almost half of them cyclists.

Council officers have rejected claims that the measure would cause traffic jams or force large numbers of cars into surrounding streets.

Ian Davey, the chair of the council’s transport committee, said: “Our transport experts say these changes will make the junction safer for everyone.

“The improvements overall will make the Seven Dials a much more pleasant place to be, so we are delighted that the vast majority of residents and local traders support the proposals.”

The committee meets to consider the plans on January 15.

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