An historic number plate remains unsold – six months after going on the market for a cool £165,000.

For years CD1 has signalled the arrival of Brighton and Hove’s mayor.

But, despite some claiming it was “madness” to sell off the family silver, the number plate was put up for sale in July.

Brighton and Hove City Council claimed the proceeds could go towards one-off grants to support charities and community groups.

But six months on, the plate remains unsold, with the local authority admitting there had only been a “couple of inquiries” for it in that time.

A spokeswoman for, which is advertising the plate on its website, said: “Sometimes they can sell in a matter of hours or overnight but sometimes it takes up to 12 months.

'Desireable plate'

“There’s no rhyme or reason for it.

“It is a very desirable plate. Those with initials with 1 after it are the most valuable available.

“With CD1 I think it’s due to the price, as there are not many people about with that kind of money.”

During the council budget discussions last year, the potential sale of CD1 was one of the most controversial topics.

At the time, council leader Jason Kitcat called it “just a piece of plastic with a number on it”.

But others claimed the plate, which was the first registration number issued by Brighton Borough Council in 1904, was a priceless part of the city.

'City heritage'

Labour councillor Penny Gilbey said: “I would love to keep CD1 which I do consider as part of the city’s heritage.

“If it can still be saved I would love to see it kept and hope that this could be considered again.

“It is, after all, a CD1 and only.

“I wonder in these difficult times who could afford to buy a personalised plate.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The price is based on estimates from three different dealers.

“The funding was earmarked for a new voluntary sector grants scheme.

“This will not be initiated until the plate is sold and therefore has no direct impact on the budget.”

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