More dog owners have condemned a treat sold in a major supermarket that was responsible for the death of a pet.

As reported in The Argus last week, James Lancaster and Anna Carey’s miniature schnauzer Burtie was killed by a shard of bone from a Bob Martin dog treat on Christmas Day.

Now two more dog owners have come forward to say their animals were injured by the bones sold at Tesco and given as festive treats.

Tesco and Bob Martin have vowed to investigate whether the bones were safe or should be removed from sale after Burtie’s death.

David Morris, from Upper Beeding, gave his miniature schnauzer Tia one of the treats.

He said: “My dog almost died after ingesting an identical Bob Martin bone treat, bought at Shoreham Tesco.


“The so-called warning label is totally inadequate – they should be withdrawn from sale.

“We fed the chews to our dogs, under supervision as instructed on the label.

“Later that night and during the early hours of the following morning one of our pet dogs was taken violently ill, and in the morning we were so concerned we took her straight to the vet.

"The vet took an X-ray and said that she had a blockage in her gut caused by the bone chew. It looked as though she would need an operation to remove the blockage, and her life hung in the balance.

“Tia is okay now but it was very close and we thought she was going to die.”

Vet treatment

Ian and Vera Burch told The Argus their dogs had also fallen ill after eating the bones.

Mr Burch said: “James and Anna were not alone in believing that if they purchased what is seen as a quality product from a reputable retailer that the product would be safe.

"We gave our dogs Bob Martin ham bones, purchased from Tesco, which caused them to have constipation. One dog was so severely constipated that she had to be treated by our vet over a period of two days.”

Tesco expressed its condolences and promised to review the product after Burtie’s death was reported by The Argus.


Yesterday (January 7) a spokesman added: “We take any reports of faulty products very seriously and will be urgently investigating these cases with our supplier.”

A spokeswoman for Bob Martin added: “We take all issues with our products seriously and we understand Mr Morris and Mr and Mrs Burch’s concerns.

"We would encourage the customers to get in touch regarding the incident and we will fully investigate their complaints with them.

"Until we have fully investigated each situation, we are unable to comment on the specific cases.”

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