Golf is a hard sport at the best of times, but posting a decent score is even harder when there are no holes on the course.

This was the fate that Dave Walker and his friends found themselves in on Friday, January 4, at Rottingdean Pitch and Putt.

As they were teeing off they discovered a council worker filling in the holes with cement.

He said: “As one of seven senior citizens, we have enjoyed playing pitch and putt once a week at the Windmill course in Rottingdean over several years, enjoying the weekly exercise while we put the world to rights.

“When the lease expired and the course closed a couple of months ago, we continued using what we thought was now essentially a piece of public land owned by the Brighton and Hove council tax payers.

“Imagine our surprise at the petty-mindedness of the council when on Friday morning they dispatched a workman to fill the holes with concrete while we were playing.”

Mr Walker and his pals ended up hitting their putts as close to the concrete as possible, with any ball crossing the hole counting as in.

'Idyllic setting'

The Saltdean resident has been playing at the course for five years and said it would be missed.

He added: “It’s an idyllic setting up on the hill with the windmill.

“I think it is a bit petty by the council.”

A council spokesman said: “The tenant’s lease has expired and we’re currently negotiating with them on the next move.

“In the meantime the holes were filled in at their request as it is currently not available for play as it cannot be supervised.

“The course is closed for winter so local people would generally be aware it is not available for official play.”

'It's a disgrace'

But ward councillor Lynda Hyde has attacked the plans, claiming Rottingdean has been treated less favourably as it is on the “fringe”.

She said: “I think it is a disgrace.

“A lot of people, especially retired people, use that course.

“The Government is advising people to get out and take exercise – well, the course is well-used by residents as well as others.

“The residents put a lot of money into the council tax coffers and get this in return.”

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