TIME has momentarily stopped on two prominent public clocks.

Locals trying to get the correct time from the Clock Tower in Brighton and the Floral Clock in Palmeira Square, Hove, will be feelilng well and truly ticked off.

After being informed, Brighton and Hove City Council said it expected both to be marking the passage of time again soon A spokeswoman said the Clock Tower, whose hands are pointing to 12, was undergoing regular essential maintenance which would take two to three days.

But she added the floral clock may take a little longer.

A council spokesman said: “It's possible the heavy rain has caused problems for the Floral Clock in Hove because the clock’s mechanism is underground.

“The council's expert horologist will inspect the clock early next week to find out why it has stopped and what repairs are needed.”

Girda Sumray, 80, of Palmeira Square, Hove, who walks her dog in the area three times a day, said: “I don’t really look at it to be honest.

“There’s a clock on St John’s the Baptist church so I tend to use that.”

Liz Romano, 71, who used to live in Adelaide Crescent before moving to the Fiveways area, said: “You take these things for granted.

“It was there for years when I lived here and people rarely noticed it.

“But it is a lovely addition to the area.”