A man who was found unconscious in woodland had fallen over drunk and slept in the snow all night, he confessed to police.

The Argus asked for information over the weekend and was given a short statement saying police were investigating the incident but it was early days.

The man told people who found him, including hero Toby Roberts, that he had been “beaten up”.

Mr Roberts discovered the 22-year-old unconscious in woodland off Paradise Drive, Eastbourne.

He told Mr Roberts, 32, from Seaford, he had been beaten up after being discovered at 8.30am on Saturday.

Today a Sussex Police spokesman said: “The man, who lives in Brighton, was discharged from hospital on Saturday.

“Police have now spoken to him and he is not alleging any assault.

“He believes he slipped and fell due to icy weather and having been drinking. There is no firm information as to how long he had been there although he said he thinks he had been there all night.”