Seven vehicles were torched in just a few hours in Hove.

Police and firefighters are now investigating who set fire to the vehicles between 12.05am and 1.45am today (January 25).

Among the damaged vehicles were three vans, a motor tricycle and two cars.

Calls initially came through as a shed on fire, although this was not the case.

At its peak four crews from across the city were tackling fires in the Sackville Road area.

Fires broke out in Byron Street, Holmes Avenue, Amherst Crescent, Coleridge Street, St Patrick’s Road and Mortimer Road.

A Hove firefighter said: “Whoever did this showed a total disregard for other people’s property.

“The fires were very serious.

“In total we had 11 incidents just a few hours apart – they overlapped.

“It was very dangerous.

"Police were driving around looking for the culprit."

An East Sussex Fire and Rescue spokesman said the cause of the fires was being investigated but it looked as though accelerant had been used.

Was your car affected or did you see or photograph the fires?


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