Residents have been left scratching their heads after council officials proposed renaming a city car park.

Brighton and Hove City Council is exploring the idea of changing the name of the Regency Square Car Park, off Kings Road, to the Brighton Centre Car Park.

The idea has been criticised as “pointless” and “misleading” after residents and history groups pointed out that the move would only confuse motorists.

Last night the council said the name change was an idea that was being explored but did not explain why the name Brighton Centre had been chosen.

The rebrand has been proposed in council papers from the authority's most recent transport committee as part of a £4.2 million refurbishment programme.

The council last night would not answer questions about how much it would cost to rename the car park including the cost of changing all signage in and around the facility.

Refurbishment of the car park has already met with residents' disapproval after designs incorporating a large glass box were withdrawn in March last year after complaints about how it would clash with the surroundings of the Grade II listed square.


Selma Montford, the secretary of the Brighton Society, described the proposal as “pointless, confusing and crazy”.

She added: “It's misleading, it's nowhere near the Brighton Centre.

“Whichever council official came up with the idea should change their minds. Why confuse people?

“I think they want to market it as the Brighton Centre car park but I don't think we should be encouraging to come to the Brighton Centre by car.

“They just come to the Brighton Centre and then get back in their cars again without seeing anything else of the city.”

Mark Prior, Brighton and Hove City Council's head of transport, said: "Changing the name of the car park is an idea which is being explored, subject to conversations with community groups and ward councillors, but nothing is confirmed yet."

Your opinions

Landlady Tessa Dowland, 57, pictured below, from Seven Dials, said: “I think it's a bad idea. This is Regency Square – it's part of the history of Brighton.

The Argus: Tessa Dowland

“It's a waste of money. Why change something when we are short of money at the moment?”

Retired airline pilot Paul Hegan, 61,  pictured below, from Withdean, said: “It would seem to be more helpful to call it where it actually is.

The Argus: Paul Hegan

“If people are coming to the Brighton Centre they would then think that the parking is there. It's confusing.”

Hafed Teoumi, the manager of the Beach Hotel in Regency Square, pictured below, said: “When you say Regency Square car park people know where it is.

The Argus: Hafed Teoumi

“You might end up with people driving to the Brighton Centre to find it.”

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