An elderly patient was sent home from hospital with a cannula tube for a drip still stuck in his arm.

The mistake was only spotted two days later when 96-year-old Richard Reeve complained to his carer that his arm was sore.

Mr Reeve’s family are now demanding an explanation and apology from Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Hospital bosses say an investigation will be launched into the incident.

Mr Reeve, who lives in Brighton, was taken to hospital in the early hours of February 2 after developing chest pains.

He underwent tests and was monitored by staff before a decision was taken later that day that he was well enough to be discharged.

Mr Reeve, who was only wearing pyjamas, had to wait for some time before an ambulance arrived to take him home.

When he was visited by his carer two days later, the cannula was discovered.

Upset and angry

The carer was not qualified to remove it and so arrangements had to be made for his GP to visit to take it out.

Mr Reeve’s daughter, Stella Mountney, said: “I am upset and very angry that my father has been on the receiving end of such an unacceptable incident.

“It is absolutely disgraceful.

“The nurses must be seen to take responsibility for their own practice and to be trusted totally in making all patients comfortable and safe.”

A hospital spokesman said: “We are sorry if Mr Reeve and his family are not happy with the care he received in our hospital.

“We have a formal complaints procedure where we will be investigating what happened in this case and will respond to Mr Reeve and his daughter as soon as this is completed.

“In the meantime, if Mr Reeve or his family have any further concerns we will be happy to discuss these with them.”

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