A distraught mother is appealing for the pictures of her newborn son to be given back.

Sophie Smith lost her distinctive pink iPhone 4 while out with son Tom.

The phone contained photographs charting the first four months of her son Tom and other family milestones.

The phone also has pictures of her second son Ben’s first day at St Lawrence Primary School, his first performance in the school nativity, a video of her six-year-old son Jack’s first speaking part in a nativity and pictures from a friend’s wedding.

The 33-year-old mother-of-three lost her iPhone 4 in a distinctive bright pink casing in Chyngton Lane North, Seaford, last Wednesday (February 6).

She believes she may have left it on the roof of her Vauxhall Zafira as she was putting her son in the back of the car.

Mrs Smith, of Hurstpierpoint, said she was devastated by the loss of the pictures.

Upset and angry

She said: “I was just so gutted when I realised I lost the phone, I have been crying a lot.

“I’m feeling really angry with myself for not uploading the photos and wondering what I’m going to tell John when he is older when he asks why there are no photos of him when he was little.

“I’m not angry with whoever has the phone, I just want them to upload the pictures to a website so I can see them.”

Mrs Smith is hopeful that the phone may not have fallen into the hands of a criminal but could have been picked up by a child judging by how it has been used since it went missing.

She said: “I’m just appealing if someone has seen their friend or child who has recently got a new iPhone just to ask them where they got it from.”

If you have any information call 01273 544530 or email neil.vowles@theargus.co.uk.

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