Trapped drivers are buying tickets to escape a heaving city centre car park – even if they fail to find a space.

A long line of cars stretched through Regency Square multi-storey in Brighton at the weekend, which is partially closed due to building work.

Many drivers queued for a space, only to find the council-run car park was full when it was too late to turn back.

After inching around for more than half an hour, many motorists thought they needed to buy a ticket to get through the exit barrier.

One angry driver said: “I saw at least three people paying even though they hadn’t even parked.

“People were queuing to get out for more than half an hour and there was a lot of anger.”

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “The car park is covered by CCTV and if a driver were unable to find a space while the car park is operating at reduced capacity they would not be charged when exiting the car park if they press the buzzer to speak to the control room.”

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