A time-travelling restaurant is transporting adventurous diners back to the Stone Age.

Holly Taylor’s pop-up eatery in Haywards Heath only serves food eaten by our hunter-gatherer ancestors tens of thousands of years ago.

The scientist-turned-restaurateur from Burgess Hill said her ‘paleo’ menu of meat, seafood, nuts, seeds and eggs is the “food our bodies were born to eat”.

And she even claimed her caveman cooking could cure conditions like irritable bowel syndrome.

She said: “We haven’t changed much for over 100,000 years but the food we eat has changed hugely. Our genetics haven’t been able to keep up.

“I believe our bodies are designed to eat the way we did before the agricultural revolution. So the idea of the restaurant is to eat meals based around a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.”

Ms Taylor’s menu includes wild duck and roasted vegetables with a prehistoric pudding of poached pear.

Flours containing gluten are replaced with rice, potato and ground nuts while grains, dairy, legumes and sugar are banned.

Healthy eating

Ms Taylor said: “What killed our ancestors was lack of hygiene and sanitation rather than the chronic disease like cancers and IBS that we suffer now. There is reasonable evidence that eating the way the cavemen did is much healthier.”

Her Pure Taste pop-up restaurant, which opens today, will appear at Jeremy’s Restaurant in Borde Hill, near Haywards Heath on the first Monday of every month.

Ms Taylor, who has a chemistry degree and lectures at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, has been volunteering in the kitchens at Jeremy’s and adjoining Elvira’s Cafe since last April.

She said: “People might expect the food to be boring but we are using the best of seasonal produce and we are determined to push the boundaries.

“So if people want to turn up in caveman costumes, that’s fine with me.”


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