Controversial rap collective So Solid Crew has announced plans for their first gig in ten years.

The group have announced that they will perform at the Concorde 2 in Brighton on April 17.

It will be the first time the original line-up of Lisa Maffia, Romeo, Asher D and MC Harvey will appear on stage together in a decade.

The group were dogged by controversy after hitting the top of the charts with their hit 21 Seconds in 2001, but Concorde 2 owner Russell Hayes said that he had no concerns about security.

He said: “It is really good news for us, a lot of the original names are in there.

“It is part of a national tour being promoted by a national promoter and they will have done the ground work in terms of security.

“As far as hip hop acts are concerned we have put on quite a lot in the last few years and there has never been any trouble, so I have no reason to believe any will start now.

“I run a tight door crew and they know a lot of the faces.”

Shortly after the release of 21 Seconds, So Solid member Skat D (Darren Weir) was convicted of breaking a 15-year-old fan’s jaw in two places after she had refused his sexual advances.

In the weeks before their debut album’s release in November of that year, two men were wounded in a shooting at a London Astoria gig. Although the incident was nothing to do with the band, a nationwide tour was cancelled.

In March 2001, an 18-year-old fan was stabbed and beaten to death during a street fight after the band's appearance at a nightclub in Luton. No member of So Solid Crew was involved.

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said: “Our planning and events department are aware and we will monitor the event as part of the normal policing of the night time economy.”

Tickets for the Brighton gig will go on sale on Friday, March 1.

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