Could this man be the world’s worst stand-up comedian?

Brian Gittins was forced to launch an urgent internet appeal yesterday after selling just one ticket for a “work in progress” gig in Brighton.

Fellow funnyman Ricky Gervais stepped in to lend his support on Twitter, urging his thousands of fans to turn up to the show at the Marlborough pub last night.

Mr Gittins describes himself as a “nasal spray addict” who runs the “best roadside cafe within a 12-mile radius of Pyecombe”.

In the run-up to his Brighton gig, he told followers to expect: “Lots of notes on bits of paper and long, confused silences” and to “come along if you like watching a human being struggle”.

Earlier this year, Mr Gittins played Kev on the Channel 4-show Derek and once supported Ricky Gervais on his stand-up tours.

But the comedian, whose real name is David Earl, was forced to take to Twitter yesterday afternoon after he discovered just one ticket had been sold.

He appealed: “Slight problem tonight, we have sold one ticket. No joke. One ticket. This is an emergency.

We need 10. I repeat 10.

“I’m not saying it’s gonna be a good show. So, don’t blame me if you do come. Haven’t even learnt my words.

“Tell you what, I’m gonna make that only audience member feel on top of the world tonight.

“Your loss everyone.”

Later he said: “I give up. It’s at the Marlborough Theatre in Brighton. 8pm. If you want. I’ve got skin problems now. Might see you later.”

Office star Ricky Gervais joined in, telling his followers: “It’s funny because that person doesn’t even have a friend!

“You have to go & see @BRIANGITTINS1doing awork in progress tonight in Brighton.

Seriously. I want a full report.”

And the star’s appeal seemed to work – because an hour later Mr Gittins tweeted, ‘10 tickets sold. Absolutely flying along now.That's the front row sorted’.

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