The world's first One Planet Living city has been declared.

Brighton and Hove City Council received the independent accreditation from BioRegional.

The charity agreed the local authority’s plans for a more sustainable city will help residents live well within a fairer share of the Earth’s resources.

Council leader Jason Kitcat said it was a “huge achievement”.

He added: “If everyone on the planet used the same amount of resources as we do in Brighton and Hove, we’d need three and a half Earths to keep going.

“It’s just not sustainable for us or anyone else on the planet to go on at this rate.

“Together we can boost the local economy, become more resistant to price hikes in energy, fuel and food, and foster a more equal and healthy city.”

The presentation took place at the sustainable housing project on the Bristol Estate in Brighton.

Among the One Planet achievements the council points to are improving insulation to its homes, trialling communal recycling and introducing pool bikes for public staff.

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