A rebel Green councillor has accused a council leader of “betraying” the residents of Brighton and Hove.

In a blog post, Ben Duncan claimed Green group convenor and Brighton and Hove City Council leader Jason Kitcat had “bullied and lied to colleagues”, adding he had lost the support of many of his own councillors.

The outburst is the latest round of wrangling between rival factions within the city’s ruling party.

Last week Green councillors launched a failed coup to remove Coun Kitcat after he allowed officers to take over negotiations for revamping the local authority’s system of allowances.

On Friday, Coun Duncan said he was one of six Green councillors who walked out of the council chamber rather than support Coun Kitcat’s re-election as council leader.

In a post on his personal website, Coun Duncan wrote: “Jason Kitcat’s policies have time and time again betrayed working people, city residents – and the electoral interests of the Green Party of England and Wales.

“Whether it’s refusing to rule out cutting pay of unionised staff or evicting council tenants who fall into arrears because the nasty Tories have cut their benefits; championing the erection of a 140-metre high metal viewing platform on the seafront (committing millions in public money to the project); cosying up to local privatisers of public services; publicly championing tax-dodging Apple products; bullying and lying to colleagues - I could go on but, well, I’m sure you get the picture.”

Yesterday it emerged that fellow Green councillor Alex Phillips would avoid disciplinary action for trying to enlist the support of Labour councillors in a bid to oust Coun Kitcat.

Last week she sent secret messages to Labour group leader Warren Morgan suggesting that he and his party vote to depose the council leader, which were then leaked to the media.

Coun Phillips, who represents Goldsmid, has since apologised admitting it was “a naive and damaging mistake”.

A motion to discipline Coun Phillips was originally proposed by Green councillor Sue Shanks but has now been withdrawn.

Coun Kitcat was unavailable for comment yesterday.