Two war hero pals have finally received their service medals – despite living over 10,000 miles apart.

Stanley Hart, 90, of Southdown Road, Newhaven, and Bill Harlow, who lives in Australia, served together on the Arctic Convoys of the Second World War.

Despite Mr Harlow emigrating down under after the war, the pair have stayed in touch for the last 68 years by post and now email.

Mr Hart, who was only 15 when he signed up, met his pal on HMS Hawkins before serving on the HMS Penelope and battleship HMS King George V.

He said: “It was terrible, I remember standing on the bridge and watching the German torpedoes whizzing by. You just hoped it wasn’t your ship that was hit.”

Speaking about his war service, Mr Hart explained how he was due to start on the HMS Royal Oak but was taken off at the last minute after catching German measles. Just days later the ship was sunk with the loss of most of the crew.