Children with beaming smiles, gorgeous dresses and colourful makeup walked the red carpet to receive their awards for an enthusiastic music video.

The 36 children, all with life-limiting illnesses, and their friends and family danced in The Dome, Brighton back in April as part of a Memory Making Day.

Organiser Tasleen Carstairs, from Brighton-based charity Forward Facing, puts on the annual event to give children a chance to act like their peers and forget their troubles for a day.

The children’s moves and groves to the Glee version of The Jackson 5’s ABC were caught on camera and their colourful routine was put on to DVD.




They became stars for the day again on Saturday, when a premiere showing of the film was held at Community Base in Queen’s Road, in a conference room transformed with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

In front of a backdrop of the famous letters on the Hollywood Hills the children dressed in fancy clothes, had their faces painted and make-up done before learning a new dance routine.

In a touching ceremony the Oscar-like statues were handed out by Niamh Storey-Davidson, her best friend Hallie Finn, Bella Scriben and her best friend Macey Bates.

To end the three hours of fun the families watched the music video and a second film capturing the excitement from behind the scenes.

Tasleen said: “It’s the first time we’ve done the premiere, but I wanted to do something that bit extra rather then send out the DVDs to the hospices and hospitals for the children.

“It was nice to bring together the children and parents who spend a lot of time in isolation, for the parents to chat and the kids to have a bit of fun.”