Dozens of Brighton guinea pigs are on the lookout for new homes.

About 50 of the popular pets are being cared for by staff at the RSPCA rescue centre in Patcham, Brighton.

They were brought in by an RSPCA inspector because of concerns about their previous home.

Cheryl Wood, from the centre, said: “They are in good condition, quite young and absolutely fine and ready for rehoming. We are hoping to send them out in pairs or groups.

“People need to make sure they have the right cages and equipment for them and have some knowledge of how to look after them.

“They are very cute and there are a variety of colours and smooth and rough-haired types.”

Staff are hoping to rehome the animals as quickly as possible because there are another 50 guinea pigs currently being fostered who also need to be rehomed.

Anyone interested can visit the centre in Braypool Lane on Tuesdays to Sundays from 10.30am to 4pm, or call 01273 554218.