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Liveblog: March for England

Last updated:

    About 100 nationalists are in Brighton today to take part in this year's March for England
  • Scores of anti-fascists are also in the city to protest at the march, which they describe as racist
  • A ring of steel has been put up on roads leading up from the seafront into The Lanes in anticipation of trouble
  • There have been clashes in West Street, where nationalists and anti-fascists shouted at each other from either side of the street
  • The march is starting at 12.30pm from the bottom of Middle Street along the seafront to Pool Valley
  • The march itself has passed with little trouble - but there have been several clashes as the nationalists made their way back to Brighton Station
  • Queens Road came to a standstill and Brighton Station could not be accessed as both nationalists and anti-fascists were kettled by police
  • The marchers finally left Brighton at around 3pm. Skirmishes between police and anti-fascists are continuing.


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