Cafe customers will come face-to-face with popular cartoon characters.

The Cartoon Cafe in Eastbourne will host life-size cut outs from Viz magazine as part of an exhibition of the popular tongue-in-cheek comics.

Roger Mellie the Man on the Telly, 8-Ace, The Fat Slags, Biffa Bacon, Mrs Brady the Old Lady, Rat Boy and Suicidal Sid will all be on show after the launch of the new exhibition yesterday.

Dr Tim Benson owns the building with Liz Wright and is the world's leading collector of original cartoons.

Liz said: “Tim had a gallery in London but he was schooled in Eastbourne and I was looking for something to do so we opened up the cafe.

“We've been doing a lot of political cartoon exhibitions but we're also looking to just mix things up a bit.

“There's talk of a Snoopy exhibition and we're trying to get in touch with Marvel to get that in, but it'll be Viz until further notice - or until we get complaints.”

The cafe is on Seaside Road next to the Hippodrome Theatre.