One lucky man managed to snap this picture of a double rainbow streaking its way across the sky.

Rob Richards was out shopping at the Lewes Road Sainsbury’s in Brighton with his girlfriend Catherine McDonald when they spied the colours.

The 41-year-old electrician managed to whip out his iPhone and get this spectacular snap.

He said: “I was quite impressed with it. I have not seen a double rainbow before.

“The strange thing was when me and my girlfriend got in the car and started driving away I looked in the mirror and a third one had appeared.

“I could not stop in time to get a snap of them before it disappeared.”

A video of a man becoming excited about a double rainbow in the Yosemite National Park in California went viral in 2010.

The video featured one-time mixed martial arts fighter Paul ‘Bear’ Vasquez exclaiming with childish glee and being moved to tears as the rainbows appeared.