The city’s beach lovers are pledging their support to help clean up after the bank holiday.

The Big Beach Clean-up, being organised by The Argus, will see teams of volunteers from across the city meeting up on Tuesday morning.

James Cryer, media partnership manager for the Mears Group, said staff are looking forward to being involved to benefit the city.

He said: “We’ll be taking down a team of 10 volunteers, from apprentices to people who work in the office.

“We’ll be going down with a team from the council housing department, with whom we have a partnership, so it will be a good chance to get both teams working together.

“The volunteers enjoyed it last year. They were all surprised by just how much litter they all managed to collect.

“Everybody cares about the beach, it’s our best asset.”

The Big Beach Clean-up will be the start of the City Makers Initiative led by The Argus, inviting readers to come up with projects for volunteers to help with.

Glyn Edwards, the man behind the Punch and Judy show opposite the fishing museum, revealed that the cast of Punch and Judy would be doing their bit to help out with the beach clean.

He said: “The beach is Mr Punch’s auditorium so he wants it to be clean at all times.

“Mr Punch will do his bit for the public – after all, a happy audience is a good audience.”

Students from the University of Sussex will also be up early to help with the clean-up.

Emily Holliday, operation officer at The University of Sussex Students Union, said: “It’s a great project. Protecting the environment is really important as well as helping our local community.”

If you would like to volunteer for the Big Beach Clean-Up simply turn up at The Palace Pier on Tuesday at 8.30am.

The clean-up is scheduled to run from 8.30am to 10.30am, with equipment and bags being provided by Cityclean.