A phantom windsurf board which was picked up off the coast remains a mystery after the coastguard called off its search.

Eastbourne RNLI were called out at about 2pm after a passing vessel picked up a windsurf board which was fully intact.

Two lifeboats and the coastguard helicopter searched the area off the coast of Eastbourne for a person who they believed to have once been in control of the windsurf board.

The emergency services were even assisted by passing yachts, but the search was called off at 4.30pm after nobody was found.

An Eastbourne RNLI spokesman said: "We launched the search on the assumption that the windsurf board belongs to someone.

"So far nobody has been found, so the hope is that it's just a rogue board."

No sooner were they on their way in, the coastguard were called out to another windsurfer who had got themselves into trouble.

This time, the coastguard were successful and hauled a windsurfer in from the sea who had earlier got himself into trouble.

The Easbourne RNLI spokesman added: "The conditions aren't perfect, but that's because there's not enough wind - windsurfers go out in worse than this.

"Investigation works will now be completed in terms of the first call-out, but we're hoping the windsurfer has just lost control, swam to shore and got themselves home.

"If that is the case, we'd urge them to get into contact with us."

The second windsurfer was uninjured and did not require hospital treatment.