Brighton's knitting queen is expanding her range of political figures after her Michael Gove pin cushion became a best seller.

Katrina Stiff, owner of Snorkers Imaginarium, revealed she has made 229 Michael Gove pin cushions and that orders keep coming in.

Katrina, from Clifton Hill, Brighton, was making pin cushions when the idea occurred to her to make a politicians head as a way for people to vent a little stress without getting into trouble.

She said: “My customers for the Michael Gove voodoo pin cushion are almost entirely teachers, or people buying gifts for teachers.

“I think it has sold so well because of the frustration they feel about him making all these changes to the education system which they neither agree with nor can do anything about.”

Katrina revealed that she had received a lot of positive feedback from owners of the woven Gove voodoo doll.

She said: “Feedback from people buying the Michael Gove pin cushions has been lovely – I have had some nice chats with people I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

“I think a lot of them find it helpful just to know that they are not alone in the way they feel about it all, and if it makes them laugh as well then that can only add to the therapeutic effect. I really think for some it has been therapeutic in the same way as it can be to scream in a field or punch a pillow.”

She has made an Iain Duncan-Smith and the next politicians to get the voodoo doll treatment will be David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Katrina is considering creating Nigel Farage and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott cushions.

Katrina also revealed that she was attempting a very difficult recreation of a member of cabinet She said: “I have actually made one attempt at making Eric Pickles but it didn’t have enough chin so I’ll be having another go at that.

“I’m not sure how much wool I’ll need but I think it might keep C&H Fabrics in business.”

Katrina does not have any current plans to recreate any local politicians but she is open to suggestions.

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