Two shoplifters have been jailed for a combined 20 weeks.

Michael Reid, 52, of Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings, was jailed for four weeks at Brighton Magistrates Court while Patrick Reville, 49, of St George’s Road, Hastings, got sixteen weeks at Hastings Magistrates Court.

Reid pleaded guilty to stealing alcohol and food from three shops in Hastings between April 29 and May 19.

Reville pleaded guilty to stealing food and aftershave from four shops in Hastings between April 2 and April 11.

PC Nick Marriott, said: "These two convictions are encouraging for all shops who are members of the Shop Watch scheme.

“People with bans are recognisable to shop staff helping to make convictions possible.

“This is a really positive result for the town's many shops. Please keep your eyes open for shoplifters, they will be prosecuted."