SEVEN people were injured in a crash involving a double-decker bus and a white Toyota yesterday afternoon.

Six ambulances, two fire engines and the air ambulance were sent to Newhaven Road, Seaford, shortly after 2.50pm yesterday.

A Brighton and Hove Buses double-decker collided with the Toyota with one of the seven people seriously injured.

The road was closed for much of the afternoon between The Drove and Mill Drove while a huge emergency operation was carried out.

One of the first on the scene was the Newhaven fire crew.

Firefighter Mark Winton said: “We were called along with the Seaford crew to help.

“There were multiple injuries. Both vehicles were damaged and we had to use our hydraulic equipment to open up the car so they could get the driver out. We then helped the paramedics.

South East Coast Ambulance (SECAMB) sent six ambulances, two paramedic cars and scrambled the air ambulance following reports of multiple injuries.

A spokesman said: “We were called at 2.50pm and sent a number of vehicles to help. The air ambulance landed but in the end they didn’t have to take anyone away. They helped out at the scene anyway.”

He added: “Two patients were taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital as a priority and five others went to hospital with more minor injuries.”

He added: “Of the priority patients one was the bus driver. He was fully conscious on the way to hospital but he needed further treatment.

“The other was the passenger in the car who had neck pain and a head injury.”

Greg Holliday, 66, who lives in a bungalow nearby, said: “I felt the wind from the rotors in my back garden and went out with my camera.

“It looked fairly major. There were fire engines and ambulances everywhere.”

He added: “One woman said there was someone on the ground in front of the bus receiving CPR. The traffic was terrible. It went all the way back into Seaford and onto the road up to Alfriston.”

Anyone who witnessed the crash or has any information is asked to call Sussex Police on 101.