One of the biggest sports festival in the country is back for another fortnight of activities.

Organised by the Brighton and Hove Council's sports development team, TAKEPART is a mix of high profile events and community-based ventures.

Local stories are the foundations of TAKEPART’s success, helping to build fitness levels in neighbourhoods across Brighton and Hove and for all ages.

The emphasis is on finding an activity to enjoy, whether a traditional sport or a more passive pastime such as healthwalks or yoga, to improve wellbeing.

Sixty children from across the city will gather at Withdean stadium to find out what this year's programme includes and take part in sporting activities as a prequel to the main events on Friday.

The youngsters will spend the morning rock climbing and athletics training, as well as finding out for about the full TAKEPART plans.

This year's TAKEPART celebration kicks off on Saturday June 21 with a family day in Preston Park.

The spectacular funday will host a raft of sports at Preston Park followed by a fortnight of packed activities, many of which are free or low cost.

Councillor Geoffrey Bowden, chairman of Brighton and Hove City Council's Economic Development and Culture Committee, said: “This year's programme is bigger and better than ever before.

“TAKEPART is a wonderful opportunity to try something new or support existing ventures.

“There is a huge selection of activities on offer and I hope everyone will participate in TAKEPART this summer.

“For the young in particular it's an opportunity to get the lifelong bug for physical activity, while for the not so young, it's a reminder that exercise is good for you too.”