The Horsham Gobbler mobile waste service has stopped.

West Sussex County Council, on advice from the Horsham District Council, is cutting the Gobbler due to a lack of demand for its services.

Wastage amounts collected by the Gobbler in recent times have been so low that they have stopped being recorded.

In March just three people visited the Gobbler in Pulborough and only nine in Storrington.

An extension of the service was agreed in March 2013 in hope that the usage of the service would increase but that has not been the case.

Lionel Barnard, cabinet member for resources at West Sussex County Council, said: “Unfortunately, given current economic pressures the Horsham Gobbler can no longer be justified.

“The money saved from ceasing this service will be reinvested in other areas of waste and recycling to improve the countywide service.”

Visit the Recycle for West Sussex website for more information.