Reckless drivers have been caught speeding along Sussex’s roads at nearly double the limit, new figures have revealed.

Speeds of up to 121mph have been clocked along some of the county’s busiest roads in the past 12 months, leading a motoring group to call for tougher sentences for dangerous drivers who exceed the speed limit by large margins.

One motorist was caught travelling at 121mph along the 70mph A27 at Hammerpot near Angmering while similar speeds of 115mph at the Holmbush Centre in Shoreham, 113mph at Aldingbourne and 109mph at West Ashling, both near Chichester, were all recorded on the A27.

The biggest speed breaker was a motorist who clocked 112mph along the 60mph A24 at Dial Post near Horsham – 52mph above the limit.

The figures, obtained by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, show the highest five speeds recorded by speed cameras belonging to each police force in the country between April 2013 and May this year.

Under current legislation, motorists caught driving between 101mph and 110mph on a 70 mph road receive a fine, six points on their licence and a two- month ban from driving.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) is calling for tougher penalties in an impend- ing review of sentencing for all motoring offences.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research, said: “The IAM wants the guidelines reviewed so that it is clear that excessive speeding will attract a danger- ous driving charge – that already provides for a range of prison sentences, bans and fines in addition to those for ‘normal’ speeding.

“It would still be up to a court to apply its discretion within the parameters for dangerous driving although we cannot think of many mitigating circumstances for doing 149mph.”

Justice Minister Damian Green said: “Drivers who flout speeding laws are dangerous and irresponsible and endanger the lives of innocent people on the road.

“Those who put others at dan- ger through excessive speed can be charged with a wide range of offences for which tough penal- ties are available to the courts.

“Offences such as causing death by dangerous driving carry sentences of up to 14 years’ imprisonment.

“Sentencing guidelines are a matter for the independent sentencing council.”