A NEW parking enforcement scheme will be launched in four roads on Sunday following concerns drivers are parking illegally – putting pedestrians in danger.

The restrictions will be enforced by Brighton and Hove City Council in partnership with Sussex Police and the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.

The areas involved are Portland Road, outside the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Kingsway, Nevill Road between Eridge Road and Nevill Avenue and Ladies Mile Road between Warmdene Road and Highview Avenue.

The areas have been targeted after councillors said they had complaints from neighbours in those roads, some of which are used as school routes.

Neighbours said drivers regularly block views at junctions and pedestrian crossings and have even been seen driving on the pavement during the daily school runs.

Councillor Pete West, chairman of Brighton and Hove’s Environment Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “Parking and driving over pavements causes considerable hazards for people, particularly in location near schools, leisure facilities and shops.

“Some of this pavement parking has been going on for years, and sadly it seems to be on the increase.

“The prevalence of people actually driving on the pavement and potentially putting others in danger is of great concern and the council is receiving many complaints from residents.”

Campaign He added the council would launch another campaign in the autumn to tackle illegal parking outside schools and on school routes.

The latest scheme will officially launch on June 1 when posters will be displayed warning drivers about the dangers of parking illegally.

Warning notices will then be issued for two weeks starting on Monday, June 9 before penalty charges between £50 and £70 are issued for a week from Monday, June 23.

A similar scheme was launched by the council at the end of last year in Elm Grove, Brighton when enforcement officers made 500 site visits in two months and issued a whopping 563 penalty charges.

National charity Guide Dogs has launched a campaign against drivers who park on pavements, saying they were concerned that it forced pedestrians to walk out into the road to get around them, putting themselves in danger.

Geraint Evans, mobility team manager for Guide Dogs said he was “delighted” Brighton and Hove was taking steps to tackle the problem.