DOZENS of travellers have pitched up on a city park after they drove over earth mounds and apparently forced open a gate.

More travellers have moved onto Wild Park, Brighton, bringing the total of caravans on the site to 64.

One group arrived on Wednesday night by driving over earth embankments.

The other group arrived on Thursday night and, according to residents, forced the park's gate open.

More travellers made their way onto the park yesterday morning - with some of the convoy getting stuck in the mud and causing traffic tailbacks.

At the time, a spokesman for Sussex Police said: “We are attending a report of a number of vehicles stuck in mud at Wild Park in Brighton.

“It would appear travellers who started to arrive at around 10.15am on Friday have blocked the entrance and created a tailback on to the A270 Lewes Road.”

A council spokeswoman said: “A joint assessment of the site at Wild Park is being made by the council and police.

“They are carrying out a Community Impact Assessment and making health and welfare checks.

“Once the situation has been established, we will be able to determine the best course of action.”

The travellers who had been at the encampment at Preston Park were evicted by police due to concerns about their behaviour.

It is believed some of those then moved on to Wild Park. It is thought the group of travellers at Preston Park had moved on from Stanmer Park.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “A Section 61 notice was served on travellers in Preston Park, Brighton, on Friday following an increasing impact on the local community including problems with children, dogs and damage to trees.”

After the eviction the council put security guards in Carden Park and Braypool Park - with a vehicle at Carden Park in place to block access to the site.

A council spokeswoman added: “The council had arranged for security guards to be in place at Carden Park and Braypool Lane over the course of the evictions from Stanmer Park and Preston Park.

“It was considered these two locations are particularly at risk, that they are both parks where sports events are held, and that there is a reasonable chance of deterring any trespass by using security.”