Campaigners flocked to the streets as they marched through a city centre to demonstrate against college cuts and academy plans.

Around a hundred protestors marched through Brighton yesterday as they rallied against cuts to City College Brighton and Hove and plans to turn Hove Park School into an academy.

The demonstrators were fighting to save jobs and courses at the college which has to make £1.5 million worth of savings.

They were joined by sympathetic campaigners who are battling to stop Hove Park School from being turned into an academy.

Lynn Thackway, Principal and Chief Executive of City College, said in a statement on Friday "to do nothing is not an option".

She said: "Although we understand and respect the fact that some members of staff feel strongly and wish to protest against proposed changes to staffing at City College, it needs to be understood that Colleges across the country are facing significant cuts to core funding."

She added: "It is in this context that the College is having to make savings of £1.5 million and is going through a staff restructure which is a painful process for everyone involved.

"The Board of Governors have been instructed by external auditors, our bank and the Skills Funding Agency that a recovery plan needs to be implemented and expect the Senior Leadership Team to deliver this."